About Golfidential

Golfidential was created by golf lovers willing to improve their technique, know-how, and equipment, who found what’s currently online not completely satisfactory or up to our needs.

My name is Francesco, and I’m one of those people that started playing golf by chance but got involved pretty soon and with enthusiasm.

My golf journey started with a close friend who brought me to another one, and so on. I quickly ended up on the green multiple times per month.

However, I found it very difficult to be a newcomer in this field, as all online resources were pretty scarce. It took me much longer than it should to learn all the catches, as the only way of learning was by the experience.

That’s when I realized I wanted to share what I learnt with newcomers and more experienced players. The team is made just of me, but there are often occasional posts made by some of my friends, joined with a few experts willing to share their experiences.

But stay tuned – we will grow soon!

You’ll find everything you need to know here. From which club you should buy as a beginner to accessories to enjoy your time at best.

After several challenges with my equipment (often the wrong one!), I finally found a balance, so I want to share all I’ve learnt with you.

What now?

You’re clearly here to improve your golf skills or learn more about gears you can buy.

The good news? We have all of this! Check our guides:

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We hope you’ll enjoy your time reading our website and feel free to drop us a line!

Francesco, founder of Golfidential