Best Intermediate Golf Clubs Set

Golf Clubs with the perfect blend of feel, workability, and forgiveness

As an intermediate golfer, you need consistency while playing. And a good golf club will provide you with the necessary feel and workability for consistently high-quality outputs.

While there are several golf club sets and brands, each golfer requires a specified golf club set to help with their unique needs.


We’ve compiled a list of the best golf club sets you’ll find on the market.

In this review, you’ll learn:

  • About the best intermediate golf clubs
  • Their unique features and workmanship
  • Their pros and cons
  • Much more…

Let’s dive in!

Top Golf Clubs for Intermediate Golfers

Editor’s Choice – Best Lightweight – Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set 

Value for Money9
Shaft Flex8
Head Options9
Overall Score  /10088
Shaft MaterialSteel
Size12-Piece Set
Height8.8 inches


  • Comfortable easy-to-use putter
  • Driver for straight and long shots
  • High-precision stainless steel irons
  • Hybrids for high trajectory on shots


  • No sand wedge
  • Irons and hybrids with small distance gap

Bottom line: High-quality lightweight golf clubs with excellent forgiveness.

The Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Sets are the lightest golf clubs for any intermediate. Its lightweight 460cc forged driver, fairway wood, putter, and irons offer a perfect combination of forgiveness, distance, and control.

Plus, this Callaway Strata set is available for left or right-hand orientation.

Look at this…

Its oversized fairway wood has a very aerodynamic head shape to give you far and high shots. And the hybrids offer an alternative to difficult irons boosting your confidence for many types of shots. This Callaway Strata set also has a durable and lightweight golf bag with a rain hood, an additional cooler pocket, and a backpack strap system.

Best Value – Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set

Value for Money9
Shaft Flex8
Head Options8
Overall Score  /10085
Shaft MaterialAlloy Steel
SizeRegular Carry
Height9.75 inches
ManufacturerWilson Sporting Goods – Team


  • Super affordable
  • Well- balanced putter
  • Very forgiving irons


  • No 5 iron
  • Not suitable for tall golfers

Bottom line: Affordable golf set for improved control and accurate shots

The Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set offers the best value for money compared to other golf club sets on the market. This Wilson golf set provides only what you need, and they are suitable for both left and right-hand use.

Here’s more…

The 460cc driver has a low rear weighting that facilitates the development of your swing speed and improves your accuracy and distance. Its #5 fairway wood offers an easily-found sweet spot and more forgiving replacement to longer irons.

This Wilson golf set comes with a sand wedge for easy ball control when exiting a trap. The precisely weighted putter will help you to make smooth, balanced strokes on your putts.

Top Pick – Callaway Unisex’s Edge 10 Piece Golf Set 

Value for Money8
Shaft Flex8
Head Options8
Overall Score/10083
Shaft MaterialGraphite
Size10*5*25 cm
Height6.3 inches


  • Improves distance
  • Very forgiving irons
  • Extremely durable
  • It’s lightweight


  • No golf bag
  • Less clubs

Bottom line: Easy to hit golf clubs for accurate shots and lower scores

Callaway Unisex’s Edge 10 Piece Golf Set’s innovative design provides easy-to-hit golfing plus range and accuracy.

You’ll also hit long and straighter shots all over the golf course.

There’s more…

The edge driver has an oversized titanium driver head with a low center of gravity combined with a lightweight graphite shaft giving you long-distance shots and a fastball speed.

Its advanced perimeter weighting of the edge 3-wood improves ball height. And it has extremely forgiving hybrids to give you more confidence when taking shots.

Best Hybrid – Tour Edge Golf- Varsity Bazooka

Value for Money8
Shaft Flex9
Head Options8
Overall Score  /10080
Shaft MaterialGraphite & Steel
SizeOne Size
Height17 inches
ManufacturerTour Edge


  • Improves shot accuracy
  • Lightweight iron shafts
  • Easy to hit
  • Hybrid gives great distance


  • Limited shaft lengths for left-handed set
  • Limited spin on shorter irons

Bottom line: Twist resistant golf clubs for increased forgiveness

The Tour Edge Golf- Varsity Bazooka golf club set offers the best hybrid clubs for an intermediate player. The set has the highest possible 460cc clubhead, which improves resistance to twisting and forgiveness even for off-center hits.

Here’s the thing…

The oversized head combined with the low profile shape of the fairway wood heads gives you similar performance to tour-grade clubs.

Its progressive iron will give you more accuracy. And the set has thin-faced wedges for improved flexibility and perimeter stability. It also has a lightweight, easy-to-use putter equipped with heel-toe weighting for a very balanced feel.

Best Graphite Shaft – STRATA Women’s Golf Package Sets

Value for Money7
Shaft Flex7
Head Options9
Overall Score  /10078
Shaft MaterialGraphite
Size14-Piece Set
Height8 inches


  • Driver has a large sweet spot
  • Highly durable
  • Progressive sole width iron
  • Milled face putter


  • Quite pricey
  • No offset hosel

Bottom line: Innovatively designed club for more distance and forgiveness

The STRATA Women’s Golf Package Set offers the best graphite shafts in the market. This set incorporates forgiveness and distance technologies for better accuracy and range.

What’s more…

The driver’s 460cc clubhead has a more prominent sweet spot and graphite shaft for farther shots from the tee. And the fairway wood is designed to give you distance and a quick swing speed.

This hybrid package set gives you the forgiveness and versatility you’ll need for good shots. Its putter alignment will improve your accuracy.

It comes in a durable, lightweight golf cart bag equipped with a stand. And the golf bag offers an authentic look and an easy-to-carry strap.

Buyers Guide: How To Choose The Best Golf Club Set for An Intermediate Player

What are the different types of Golf Clubs?


Irons are often recommended to a beginner. They often come in 6-8 separate gears for covering short and long range shots. The medium to long ones will give your shots a reasonable distance, while the short ones give more height but less travel.

They come in small head sizes and have hollow heads.


They are either drivers or fairway wood. And they are called woods because they were made of wood in early golf plays.

Drivers are long club shafts with lightweight titanium, steel or metal heads. Handicappers use them for tee shots because of the height and distance they provide. Their aerodynamic heads also help golfers to swing balls more powerfully.

Fairway woods are for fairway shots outside the range of your iron. Golfers can use them for tee shots to obtain more control of the ball.

Most intermediate players use the 3-wood and 5-wood, while others prefer the 7- or 9- wood because of how forgiving they are, of mishits.


Hybrids are a cross between long irons and fairway woods. Their head sizing also ranges between that of iron and wood. And these sizes and materials will affect your swing.

The average golfer and high handicapper prefers hybrids because they hit balls quickly and minimize mishits.

Plus, golfers will get more control and forgiveness during the game.


These could be a gap, lob, pitching or sand wedge. The club heads are just like those of irons. And the material and size will affect your swing.

These subsets of irons are used for short pitches from the fairway and will help you get out of sand bunkers. They have the shortest shafts and are mostly used for short-range shooting.


A putter has a flat but heavy club head, which affects the swings produced.

A putter is a specialized type of club with different styles of head, that is, mallet, blade, or heel-toe.

They are used for shots on or around the green. And they have 4 degrees of loft and a flat surface, preventing the ball from bouncing up when hit.

Features to look out for

Grip Thickness

Every golf club set comes with grips, which can be either thick or thin.

Why’s that?

Your grip size will affect the swing consistency you’ll get during a golf game. Often, the thin grip size allows golfers to swing freely, while the very thick grip restricts hand mobility and performance.

But where your hands are large, consider going for a thicker grip.

And if you’re unsure which grip size will suit you, check the Golf grip size chart. You’ll see which one is correct for your hand.


As an intermediate golf player, you’re most likely prepared for swings with steel shafts. A steel shaft provides some level of control over shots. And that will keep you in play even longer.

The steel helps you control shots beyond swinging. For example, if you’re a golfer with low clubhead speed, you’ll need graphite shafts for more distance. But the graphite will lessen your ability to control.

Also, your club’s shaft length will determine your output. To determine which length suits you, consider your strength, body type, and height. Longer shafts suit taller players better.


Check the suitability of the shaft flex to your swing. If the shaft is still, like professional-level men’s golf sets, your shots would be shorter in height and distance.

Where it’s too soft, it causes ballooning. But regular flex is suitable for intermediate golfers.


The loft of a club head is the angle where the shaft and clubface lines intersect. Every club in a stand bag comes with a different loft angle ranging between 8.5° for a driver and 60° for lob wedge.

The ball moves at the angle of the loft. A lower loft results in more distance, while a higher loft makes the ball rise and descend into the air with a steeper angle. Golfers must pay attention to the loft of a clubhead for improved performance.

The Best Golf Club For Intermediate Top Tip(s)

Here’re a few tips for buying a golf club set:

  • Stay within your budget.
  • Go for lightweight products that are easy to carry.
  • Choose a suitable shaft flex that is neither too stiff nor too soft.
  • Look out for enough head options. Get a product with wedges that interest you.
  • If you’re making your purchase online, go through reviews to be sure you are getting the advertised product.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Intermediate Golfer?

An Intermediate golfer is one whose skill level is between beginner and advanced. They can easily break between 90 and 100, with a handicap range of 11 to 20.
The Intermediate golfer understands the intricacies of clubhead path and swing plane, with a good stretch of a hole.

Are Intermediate Clubs Game Improvement irons?

No, they are not. A game Improvement iron is best suited for a beginner, covering up foul shots that would otherwise ruin a golf game.
Intermediate clubs don’t hide mistakes as much but will improve your abilities in the long run.

What to look out for in a set of golf clubs for beginners to intermediate?

The first thing to consider is durability. You don’t want to shop for another club set within a year or two.
Another thing is forgiveness. The best intermediate golf clubs offer a lot of forgiveness.  At a beginner or intermediate level, consistency is necessary. You need a set of clubs that will give you good shots even on off-centered hits.

How long will a full set of golf clubs last before I need to upgrade?

You can use a men’s complete golf club set for several seasons. But you need a high-quality club set and proper maintenance to achieve this.
Also, protect the clubs from harsh conditions by keeping them out of humidity with head covers.

How important is getting a full set with wedges?

As intermediate golfers, you need the right wedges for your golf club set.Some come with only one wedge, while others have sand and pitching wedges.
For increased control of golf clubs, you might need to get more wedges.

Our Analysis, Comparisons & Test Results

After gathering customer and expert reviews, we conducted tests on each golf club set, checking for construction and design to determine workmanship and durability.

Also, we compared the weight and feel of the clubs and checked their grip, shaft flex, ball speed, swing speeds, and how easily you can make a hit with them.

We further examined the wedge, the putter, alongside the existence of a putter stand bag.

Here’s how the clubs compare to each other.

Value For Money

No one wants to spend money on golf clubs that won’t deliver.

That’s why we’ve made a list of golf clubs with useful features and high-quality construction that will do the job without having you break the bank.

You’ll get a bang for each buck with these products that come with every essential need for an intermediate player. Each club will give you forgiveness and workability for consistent performance.

And you’ll get all you need for a high output over the golf course, and that’s at almost nothing!

Value for Money: Best RatingTotal Marks Out of 10
Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set9
Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set9
Callaway Unisex’s Edge 10 Piece Golf Set8
Tour Edge Golf- Varsity Bazooka8
STRATA Women’s Golf Package Sets7

Shaft Flex

The shaft flex affects distance, trajectory, and accuracy. A wrong shaft flex leads to misalignment at impact, leading to poor accuracy.

Look at this… 

Regular flex suits intermediate golfers best. Since you aren’t hitting like a pro yet, a still shaft won’t be appropriate as it would lead to shorter distances and lower elevation for your shots.

If the stiffness is lower than regular, you could lose accuracy and find it hard to control the clubface at impact.

But with the regular shaft flex like the one on each golf club on our list, players will get  increased clubhead speed for downswings, greater kicks, quicker pace and high trajectory.

Shaft Flex: Best RatingTotal Marks Out of 10
Tour Edge Golf- Varsity Bazooka9
Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set8
Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set8
Callaway Unisex’s Edge 10 Piece Golf Set8
STRATA Women’s Golf Package Sets7

Head Options

You’ll need a few clubheads to cover your play from the tee to the green. Most golf sets only provide a single pitching wedge.


To get the most out of your short game, you would need more than one pitching wedge.

Each golf club set we recommend has higher lofted wedges and lob wedge, giving you a choice of heads to maximize your golf skills.

Now see how each golf club set compares to others when it comes to the head options provided.

Head Options: Best RatingTotal Marks Out of 10
Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set9
STRATA Women’s Golf Package Sets9
Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set8
Callaway Unisex’s Edge 10 Piece Golf Set8
Tour Edge Golf- Varsity Bazooka8

You won’t have any problem using any set of clubs on our list, since each product has the necessary features and design for better performance.


You’ll get a good swing using them because of their construction which will help you hit correctly even from a distance.

The oversized titanium driver that came with these clubs helped us gain more range. Plus, the low weighting improved our swing speed, giving us more accuracy with long-distance shots.

You have to go for one of these!

Workmanship: Best RatingTotal Marks Out of 10
Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set9
Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set9
Callaway Unisex’s Edge 10 Piece Golf Set9
STRATA Women’s Golf Package Sets8
Tour Edge Golf- Varsity Bazooka7

Final Verdict: Best Golf Club For Intermediate

After trying out several golf clubs, everyone agreed that these are the best intermediate golf club sets you’ll find anywhere.

Though they all offer the necessary feel and forgiveness for better gaming, each club has unique features that make it stand out.

Let’s be honest…

These golf clubs are not without shortcomings, but their limitations do not affect their performance significantly. They’ll give you what you need for a great game. 

Look where each one sits on our table of the best intermediate golf club sets.

Total Best RatingTotal Marks Out of 100
Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set88
Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set85
Callaway Unisex’s Edge 10 Piece Golf Set83
Tour Edge Golf- Varsity Bazooka80
STRATA Women’s Golf Package Sets78

Conclusion: Best Golf Club For Intermediate

After in-depth research and rigorous tests, we have come up with our top three best intermediate golf clubs.

Everyone on the team agreed that our Editor’s Choice, Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Set is the best intermediate club set. The package set offers high-quality lightweight golf clubs with excellent forgiveness.

Next is Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set, our Best Value clubs set because of its affordability despite its accuracy level.

But that’s not all…

Our Top Pick Award goes to the durable Callaway Unisex’s Edge 10 Piece Golf Set. This particular set has a lightweight build and very forgiving irons for more accurate shots and lower scores.